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Personal Finance Can Be Overwhelming, We're Here to Fix It

We are bringing together the top money experts we can find to build the best resource for you to learn about personal finance.

For a single membership fee, you can access our entire library of content, get access to live monthly Q&A's with experts directly, access our members community and receive exclusive discounts to our favorite financial products.

We will launch with four programs in the membership at the end of 2022, and keep adding more with time!

When we launch at the end of 2022, here are some of the programs included in the membership:

Estate Planning for Startup Founders and Employees

If you start your own tech startup, or work at an early stage tech startup, this course will help you understand how to structure your equity for the optimal tax treatment.

Learn about QSBS, the different types of trusts (and the benefits they give you) and on average, save a big percentage of your capital gain in the future!

Taxes for Small Business Owners

This program covers bookkeeping, tax, and financial planning strategies for small business owners, and helps you ensure that more of your bottom line goes into your business.

We help you choose what type of business to set up, tax-saving and planning tips, and can even help you find the right accountant.

Monetizing Your Expertise to Create an Income Stream

This program will teach you how to add a new income stream to your business by monetizing your core expertise to teach other people.

We will cover finding your expertise and messaging, creating content, building an audience and an automated marketing engine, and scaling this side of your business.

Introduction to Real Estate Investing

If you have additional cashflow that you are looking to leverage by getting into real estate, we're bringing in a premier RE expert to teach you exactly how to do that.

Topics covered include finding an investment property, structuring the deal, the right vehicle to use (401k vs brokerage), and optimizing cash flow distribution.

After launch, we will continue bringing in new experts and adding additional content from here on!

Access to the money Club

Your membership also includes access to our paid, members-only community of peers to discuss all things money and personal finance

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