The Ocho Solo 401k

The Solo 401k is the best retirement plan for business owners. You can contribute up to $61K annually, invest in any asset class, make Roth contributions and allow your money to compound tax-free.

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Why You Need to Start a Solo 401k Today

The Ocho Solo 401k is the best retirement account for independent business owners, entrepreneurs, consultants and freelancers.

Here is why this is the most effective type of account:

Invest in Any Asset

Unlike a traditional 401k set up by your employer, you can set up your Solo 401k to invest in any asset you like!

You can invest your 401k in stocks, mutual funds, cryptocurrency, real estate, private equity and more!

Tax Free Compounding

Whenever you sell any asset in your Solo 401k, you do not pay any taxes on the gain (and no taxes until you take money out) -- this means your money can compound entirely tax-free

This results in substantially more money available at retirement.

Ability to Make Roth Contributions

Regardless of how much money you make, you can make Roth post-tax contributions for up to $20K a year.

Money contributed to your Roth Solo 401k is post-tax income, but you never pay a dollar of tax on any of the compounded gains, which make makes it a very powerful vehicle.

The Highest Annual Contribution Limits

The Solo 401k has the highest annual contribution limits of any retirement account, including the SEP IRA.

You can invest up to $61,000 a year in a Solo 401k, and up to $20,500 in Roth Solo 401k by maxing out your employee and employer contributions.

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We Handle All the Complexity For You!

  • We create your Solo 401k account for you, and handle all annual tax filings.
  • We curate investment options and allow you to invest your Solo 401k money with one click with zero fees on your assets under management (AUM)
  • We help you track contributions from your personal and business accounts, and help you stay in compliance.

Transparent pricing with no AUM fees

Unlike other money managers, we charge zero fees on your money under management (AUM) and do not receive any kickbacks from any products we recommend.

Base Plan

The plan for everyone with no additional fees or kickbacks.




Base + access to accredited investment opportunities




Base + access to qualified investment opportunities



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Our Solo 401k product will launch at the end of 2022.

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